Megazyme 淀粉总量检测试剂盒 K-TSTA-100A

英文名:Total Starch (AA/AMG) Assay Kit
规格:100 assays per kit
市场价: 3824
The Total Starch (AA/AMG) test kit is used for the measurement and analysis of total starch in cereal flours and food products. This kit now contains an improved α-amylase that allows the amylase incubations to be performed at pH 5.0 (as well as pH 7.0).
Colourimetric method for the determination of Total Starch in
cereal products, feeds, foodstuffs and other materials
(α-amylase, 100°C ± DMSO)
(1) Starch granules + H2O → maltodextrins
(2) Maltodextrins + H2O → D-glucose
(glucose oxidase)
(3) D-Glucose + H2O + O2 → D-gluconate + H2O2
(4) 2H2O2 + p-hydroxybenzoic acid + 4-aminoantipyrine →
quinoneimine + 4H2O

Kit size: 100 assays
Method: Spectrophotometric at 510 nm
Total assay time: ~ 90 min
Detection limit: 1-100% of sample weight
Application examples:
Cereal flours, food products and other materials
Method recognition:
AOAC (Method 996.11), AACC (Method 76-13.01), ICC (Standard Method
No. 168), and RACI (Standard Method)

  • Very competitive price (cost per test)
  • All reagents stable for > 12 months after preparation
  • Simple format
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing
  • Standard included





货号 中文品名 英文品名 规格
K-ARAB 阿拉伯聚糖检测试剂盒 Arabinan assay kit 100 Assays
K-FRGLMQ D-果糖/D-葡萄糖[MegaQuant法]检测试剂盒 D-Fructose and D-Glucose MegaQuant(TM) Format assay kit 60 Assays
K-FRGLQR D-果糖/D-葡萄糖[液体即用型]检测试剂盒 D-Fructose /D-Glucose (Liquid Ready Reagent) Assay Kit 1100 Assays
K-FRUC 果聚糖(PAHBAH 格式)检测试剂盒 Fructan Assay Kit (PAHBAH format)
100 Assays
K-FRUCHK 果聚糖[HK法]检测试剂盒 Fructan-HK Assay Kit
50 Assays
K-FRUGL D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 D-fructose plus D-glucose assay kit 110 Assays
K-FUCOSE L-海藻糖检测试剂盒 L-Fucose Assay Kit 100 Assays
K-GALM 半乳甘露聚糖检测试剂盒 Galactomannan assay kit 100 Assays
K-GAMINE D-葡萄糖胺检测试剂盒 D-Glucosamine Assay Kit 50 Assays
K-GATE D-葡萄糖酸/D-葡萄糖酸内酯检测试剂盒 D-Gluconate/D-Glucono-d-lactone Assay Kit 60/600 Assays
K-GLUC D-葡萄糖[GOPOD法]检测试剂盒 D-Glucose (GOPOD Format) assay kit 660 Assays
K-GLUHKL D-葡萄糖[HK法]检测试剂盒 D-glucose-HK assay kit(HK/G6P-DH Format) 220/2200 Assays
K-GLUHKR D-葡萄糖[HK法]检测试剂盒 D-glucose-HK assay kit(HK/G6P-DH Format) 110/1100 Assays
K-GLUM 葡甘露聚糖检测试剂盒 Glucomannan assay kit 50 Assays
K-LACGAR 乳糖/D-半乳糖[快速]检测试剂盒 Lactose and D-galactose (Rapid)assay kit 115 Assays
K-LACSU 乳糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 Lactose sucrose/D-glucose assay kit 100 Assays
K-LACTUL 半乳糖苷果糖检测试剂盒 Lactulose assay kit 50 Assays
K-MANGL D-甘露糖/D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 D-mannose/D-fructose/D-glucose assay kit 55 Assays
K-MANOL D-甘露醇/L-阿拉伯糖醇检测试剂盒 D-Mannitol/L-Arabitol Assay Kit 60/600 Assays
K-MASUG 麦芽糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 Maltose,sucrose and D-glucose assay kit 100 Assays
K-RAFGA 密三糖或棉子糖/D-半乳糖检测试剂盒 Raffinose/galactose assay kit 120 Assays
K-RAFGL 密三糖或棉子糖/蔗糖/D-半乳糖检测试剂盒 Raffinose /sucrose/galactose assay kit 120 Assays
K-RHAM L-鼠李糖检测试剂盒 L-Rhamnose Assay Kit 50 Assays
K-SUCGL 蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 Sucrose/D-glucose assay kit 250 Assays
K-SUFRG 蔗糖/D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒 Sucrose,D-fructose and D-glucose sucrose assay kit 150 Assays
K-TDFC 膳食纤维控粉总量检测试剂盒 Total Dietary Fibre Control Flours Kit 10 Assays
K-TDFR 膳食纤维总量检测试剂盒 Total Dietary Fibre Assay Kit 200 Assays
K-TREH 海藻糖检测试剂盒 Trehalose assay kit 100 Assays
K-XYLOSE D-木糖检测试剂盒 D-xylose including xylan and arabinoxylan assay kit 100 Assays
D-BGLU Beta葡聚糖[混联]检测试剂盒 Mixed-linkage beta-glucan assay kit 1 Assays
K-YBGL Beta葡聚糖[酵母和蘑菇]检测试剂盒 Mushroom and yeast beta-glucan assay Kit 100 Assays
304-16721 蛋快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡEgg 96tests
301-16731 牛奶快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡMilk 96tests
308-16741 小麦快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡWheat 96tests
305-16751 荞麦快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡBuckwheat 96tests
302-16761 花生快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡPeanut 96tests
302-34081 大豆快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT ELISA ver.ⅡSoybean 96tests
306-34861 甲壳类检测试剂盒 Crustacean kit “Maruha” 96tests
308-31641 酪蛋白(牛乳)快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot Casein 2Tests
305-31651 β-乳球蛋白(牛乳)快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot beta-Lactoglobulin 2Tests
302-31661 麸朊(小麦)快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot Gliadin 2Tests
304-31621 卵清蛋白(蛋)快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot Ovalbumin 2Tests
301-31631 卵粘蛋白(蛋)快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot Ovomucoid 2Tests
309-31671 大豆快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT Westernblot Soybean 2Tests
301-88261 荞麦快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Buckwheat 20Tests
300-88231 蛋快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Egg 20T 20Tests
307-88241 牛奶快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Milk 20T 20Tests
308-88271 坚果快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Peanut 20T 20Tests
305-88281 大豆快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Soy bean 20T 20Tests
304-88251 小麦快速检测试剂盒 FASTKIT slim Wheat 20T 20Tests
305-52411 鲍鱼抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Abalone] 1set
309-52311 苹果抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Apple] 1set
306-52321 香蕉抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Banana] 1set
308-52261 牛肉抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Beef] 1set
303-51971 荞麦抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Buckwheat] 1set
302-52281 鸡抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Chicken] 1set
308-52401 甲壳类抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Crustacean] 1set
303-52331 猕猴桃抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Kiwifruit] 1set
308-52381 鲭鱼抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Mackerel] 1set
307-51991 花生抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Peanut] 1set
305-52271 猪肉抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Pork] 1set
301-52371 大马哈鱼抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Salmon] 1set
307-52351 大豆抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Soybean] 1set
305-52391 鱿鱼抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Squid] 1set
309-52291 动物通用抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Universal detection for animals] 1set
302-52301 植物通用抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Universal detection for plants] 1set
300-52341 核桃抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Walnuts] 1set
300-51981 小麦抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Wheat] 1set
304-52361 番薯抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Yam] 1set
303-51993 花生抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Peanut] 20Tests
309-51973 荞麦抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Buckwheat] 20Tests
306-51983 小麦抗原检测试剂盒 Allergen checker [Wheat] 20Tests
ALM‐E01 杏仁ELISA检测试剂盒 Almond 96 Tests
BLG‐E01 Beta‐乳球蛋白ELISA检测试剂盒 Beta‐Lactoglobulin 96 Tests
CAS‐E01 酪蛋白ELISA检测试剂盒 Casein 96 Tests
CAW‐E01 腰果ELISA检测试剂盒 Cashew 96 Tests
CEL‐E01 芹菜ELISA检测试剂盒 Celery 96 Tests
CRU‐E01 甲壳类ELISA检测试剂盒 Crustaceans(Tropomyosin) 96 Tests
EGG‐E01 鸡蛋ELISA检测试剂盒 Egg White 96 Tests
FIS‐E01 鱼ELISA检测试剂盒 Fish (Parvalbumin) 96 Tests
GLU‐E02 麸朊ELISA检测试剂盒 Gluten / Gliadin 96 Tests
HAZ‐E01 榛子ELISA检测试剂盒 Hazelnut 96 Tests
LUP‐E01 羽扇豆ELISA检测试剂盒 Lupine 96 Tests
LYS‐E01 溶菌酶ELISA检测试剂盒 Lysozyme 96 Tests
MIL‐E01 牛奶ELISA检测试剂盒 Milk 96 Tests
MUS‐E01 芥末ELISA检测试剂盒 Mustard 96 Tests
OVA‐E01 卵清蛋白ELISA检测试剂盒 Ovalbumin 96 Tests
PEA‐E01 花生ELISA检测试剂盒 Peanut 96 Tests
PEC‐E01 山核桃ELISA检测试剂盒(开发) Pecan Nut 96 Tests
PIS‐E01 开心果ELISA检测试剂盒 Pistachio 96 Tests
SES‐E01 芝麻ELISA检测试剂盒 Sesame 96 Tests
SOJ‐E01 大豆ELISA检测试剂盒 Soja (Soy) 96 Tests
WAL‐E01 胡桃ELISA检测试剂盒 Walnut 96 Tests
HIS‐E02 组胺ELISA检测试剂盒 Histamine 96 Tests
HIS‐E03 组胺ELISA快速检测试剂盒 Histamine, rapid 96 Tests
EST‐E01 雌二醇ELISA检测试剂盒 Estradiol 96 Tests
PRO‐E01 黄体酮ELISA检测试剂盒 Progesterone 96 Tests
TES‐E01 睾酮ELISA检测试剂盒 Testosterone 96 Tests
CAP‐E02 氯霉素ELISA检测试剂盒 Chloramphenicol 96 Tests
PEN‐E01 青霉素ELISA检测试剂盒 Penicillin 96 Tests
STR‐E02 链霉素ELISA检测试剂盒 Streptomycin 96 Tests
TCY‐E01 四环素ELISA检测试剂盒(开发) Tetracycline 96 Tests
FOL‐E01 叶酸ELISA检测试剂盒 Folic Acid 96 Tests
B12‐E01 维生素B12 ELISA检测试剂盒 Vitamin B12 96 Tests
BIO‐E01 维生素 H (生物素)ELISA检测试剂盒 Vitamin H (Biotin) 96 Tests

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