Alpha淀粉酶检测底物 Amylazyme – 1000 Tablets 货号:T-AMZ-1000T Megazyme试剂盒


英文名:Amylazyme – 1000 Tablets


规格:1000 Tablets

市场价: 13100

High purity dyed and crosslinked Amylazyme tablets for the measurement of enzyme activity, for research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

AACC Method 22-05.01 and RACI Standard Method. For the assay of cereal and microbial α-amylase. Containing AZCL-Amylose. Recommended substrate for the assay of α-amylase in weather-damaged cereal grains, honey samples and food products containing low levels of this activity.

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